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A first-level encounter

January 15, 2020
Longyang District, Baoshan, Yunnan province
I haven't seen many photos with a Chinese national first-level protected animal, the Gaoligong hoolock gibbon, and a Chinese national first-level protected plant, Magnolia cathcartii, in the same frame. I took this picture in 2018, while tracking a gibbon family. Through a gap in the forest canopy, I could see the mother gibbon sitting on a tree eating fruit. I hurriedly took a few photos and she left. I didn't expect that the gibbon and the magnolia were together at that moment! Because the leaves are very similar, I thought that the fruit was also of the magnolia. After consulting with an expert, I found that the gibbon was sitting on a banyan tree and feeding on a fig. But it happened that there was also a flowering magnolia, which was indeed lucky.