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A villager inspecting the remains of a community hospital after flash flood in Reshun Gol, upper Chitral, Pakistan

November 27, 2017
Reshun Gol, Chitral, Pakistan
In June 2015, a 7-minute flash flood hit Reshun Gol village in Chitral which took away three lives, washed away 132 houses and destroyed a community hospital. The next community hospital is 63 km south of the village in main city of Chitral, leaving no other option for the villagers but to commute to Chitral. Villagers in Reshun Gol do not know what is causing flash floods. Experts say the reason is as obvious as a snow-capped mountain in the Hindukush: temperatures are rising and glaciers are shrinking and melting. This type of flash floods that are known among scientists by a rather unwieldy name: Glacier Lake Outburst Flood (GLOF).