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Vulture and the kill

November 27, 2017
Kedarnath Wildlife Sanctuary, Uttarakhand
Local communities in the Himalaya have a long history of coexistence with the wildlife. In the past, small population with few requirements had little negative influence on the forest health; but with increased human population, the forests in many parts of the region have been transformed into cultivation and habitations. The accompanied development activities and land use changes have disrupted the natural balance resulting in increasing competition between human and wildlife for space and resources. The photo is from Kedarnath Wildlife Sanctuary Landscape from Western Himalaya. In a single incident of livestock depredation, a leopard killed three cattle of a family, grazing in the agricultural field near forest edge. Such incidences threaten the food and livelihood security of already marginalized households. More often these negative interactions are a result of people (local communities) - people (management authorities) conflict, when local communities see the situation as their animals (wildlife) and our animals (livestock).