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Wandering life of mountains

November 18, 2017
Langtang National Park
A white horse and a herd of yaks are grazing near a glacier in Langtang region. This glacier can be reached in around two hours hike from Kyanjin Gompa, a popular trekking destination in Langtang National Park. It is an amazing experience to watch the gigantic wonders of nature.
Unfortunately, nature away from human settlements and industrial growth are also being affected by anthropogenic causes of climate change. Temperatures are rising, glaciers are receding and weather patterns are becoming highly unpredictable. Such changes not only affect humans but also plants and animals in the high Himalayas. and, it ultimately affects the livelihood of people and mountain ecosystem. Reports are coming up that state some diseases and parasites are now found in higher altitudes, where such cases were never witnessed before. It is a responsibility of all to protect the earth and the nature by acting responsible to protect the beautiful place, we call home.