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A Woman in the Saffron fields of Kashmir showing her "meager collection" of saffron flowers. Saffron, known as the king of spices, is a high value crop. But farmers say that its production is declining due to droughts caused by climate change.

November 27, 2017
Pampore-Kashmir (Pulwama District)
Supporting around 20,000 families directly, saffron industry is the second major industry after horticulture in Indian Kashmir. But, according to Kashmir’s agriculture department, saffron land has got reduced from 5,700 hectares in 1990s to 3715 hectares in 2016 while per hectare production has come down to less than 1.88 kilograms compared to around 6 kilograms in other parts of the world. Farmers in Kashmir say that it is mainly happening because of droughts during crucial months when the crop needs irrigation. A sprinkle irrigation scheme promised by the government has failed to take off. The result is crop losses and revenue losses for Kashmiri saffron farmers.