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Battle against changing scenarios in the Himalayas

November 25, 2017
This photo story showcases the challenges faced by mountain communities in the Himalayas. It reflects their dependence on seasonal cycles for the availability of pastureland, to maintain food security and to meet their energy needs. Hence, it highlights the struggles of such high altitude communities, particularly women, in ensuring that their livelihood requirements are met even at the cost of rapidly changing climate and seasonal variations.
  • Women from the Himalayas travelling downhill with their children to gather firewood before snowfall makes it impossible for them to travel.
    Manaslu Nepal
  • When the supply for energy requirement is directly proportional to the agricultural productivity for the year.
    Manaslu Nepal
  • A Himalayan woman smiles for the camera even at the face of the devastation caused by the recent earthquake, while working in her fields to ensure food security for her family as her baby watches on.
    manaslu Nepal
  • A Chauri looks on as a mule scrapes at dried pastureland for food while an almost bare mountain stands tall at the backdrop.
    Manaslu Nepal
  • A child getting cozy in her kitchen during winter. Firewood, dried animal dung and dried agricultural remains from the fields are the only source of energy for most mountain communities and a shortage in either of these resources can have a massive impact in their lives. But with climate change, how long can they rely on those materials?
    Manaslu Nepal