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Right to Water - AT YOUR DOORSTEP

November 22, 2017
With rising demands of water in the hill station of Mussoorie one can witness the ongoing development activities taking place around the town. In order to bring water to each and every doorstep in Mussoorie the Jal Sansthan (Water Department, Govt. of Uttarakhand) has tried and tested all the possibilities of laying infrastructure like tanks, pipes and taps. The unplanned growth in construction of houses and commercial units around the town has forced authorities to fetch water to the households from several natural spring sources far away from the urbanized areas, deep inside the forests and hill tops.
The unique style of bending the pipelines to fit in the existing network or to match the terrain is intriguingly attractive. Ironically the pipelines are dry too just like the tapped spring sources. As the Engineer in the department says that more number of connections will not help the situation but worsen it as the surplus of water is the same and not increasing with number of private connections. Instead due to more allotment of connections there is a further stress on the existing surplus of water: another reason for the stress is basically urbanization combined with climate change resulting in less recharge and more extraction of the natural groundwater once present abundance in Mussoorie, is now a scarce resource.
  • Domino Effect - Mussoorie Rajmandi
    If something happens in one of the buildings - all the buildings will experience the effect. Unplanned and definitely unauthorized construction.
    Dehradun India
  • Store wherever possible - Mussoorie Mall Road

    At the time of capturing, ironically all the tanks were found empty.
    Dehradun India
  • Like a bundle of twines or ropes - Mussoorie Rajmandi

    It is not advised to lay pipelines on the staircases.
    Dehradun India
  • Clean water & Dirty sewage - Mussoorie Library (Nehru Colony)

    This place where the picture is captured - STINKS! and salute to the residents who live here, around this. Poor!
    Dehradun India
  • Angles & Curves - Mussoorie Nagar Palika

    The area where administration of Mussoorie sits in their offices have exposed system of pipelines all around the roads.
    Dehradun India
  • Climbers - Mussoorie (Landour Cantonment)

    Each / inch pipe indicates a private connection.
    Dehradun India
  • Fat & Thin - Mussoorie (Landour Cantonment)

    The big fat black pipes are carrying sewage and the silver ones in the middle are clean water supply. Do not miss the rubbish dropped on these pipes.
    Dehradun India